USGA to allow range finders in amateur events

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USGA to allow range finders in amateur events

Players competing in all USGA amateur events in 2014 will be allowed to use range finders. The decision, announced today by the USGA, follows a similar one made last month by the R&A, which permitted range finders in its amateur events.

The rule change applies only to amateur events, so we won’t be seeing any professionals using range finders during competitive play at the U.S. Open, U.S. Women’s Open or Senior Open — at least not yet.

Here’s the official word from the USGA:

“We have seen progressive developments in technologies available to golfers who seek to improve their playing performance and enjoyment that also maintain the essential elements of the game,” said Thomas J. O’Toole Jr., USGA vice president and chairman of the Championship Committee. “It is in this spirit that we are allowing the use of distance-measuring devices in our amateur competitions.”
The USGA said it arrived at the decision in part after studying the impact of range finders on the pace of play in last year’s USGA Women’s State Team and U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur championships.

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I don't like it. Let them get

I don't like it. Let them get used to playing the game the way it is supposed to be played.

Scott Rushing
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Will be interesting to see

Will be interesting to see how this goes. I'm curious to see if there's any change in pace of play. In theory, the yardages are nothing they shouldn't already be getting from their caddies. So other than hitting from a bad drive that leaves you in a situation where it's tough to quickly gauge the yardage, I'm not sure what the gain is - other than this is the way golf is going. At least 2 people in each group I play with carry devices. So other than trying to stay 'current', I don't see what the gain is. Now, if it were to speed things up then I'm maybe for it. But I'm not sure it will do that.

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