Scotty Cameron Golo Caremon & Crown putter

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Scott Rushing
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Scotty Cameron Golo Caremon & Crown putter

On my recent Arizona / Las vegas trip, everyone I was hanging with had a Scotty Cameron putter.  Now I'm never used or held one so I never seemed to see what the buzz was given they run like $300-$600.  For a putter.  A single club.  Now I know, you use that club for like half (or more sometimes) of your entire stroke count so I don't mean to minimize that importance but I guess I was always able to putt pretty well with putters of half or a third of that cost.   To me, putting is mostly about feel.  I think you can be a decent putter without buying an expensive putter. 

Now that being said, I had the chance to putt with a Scotty Cameron Golo Caremon & Crown putter while I was on my trip to Arizona.  And I have to say that I was impressed with the weight and balance of this putter.  It felt a lot more solid when I struck putts and the roll was very consistent.  It seemed easier to get the speed down on those greens more so than it was with mine but by the end of the round (with my putter) I did have my playing partners saying they were impressed with my control on greens of theirs which I had never played.

So at some point, given a good price, I might invest in a Scotty now that I've tried it but I think for most mid-high handicappers, I still think it's better to invest in lessons than a $500 putter.



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Personally, I think that

Personally, I think that Scotty Camerons are one of the great cons of our time.  His greatest strength seems to be marketing in my mind as the vast majority of his designs are copies of someone else; think Anser or 8802 for example.

That said, I guess it's all about what works.  I spent a lot of money on a putter once -- a Seemore PTM3.  It worked great for a month or so and then the magic just sort of wore off.  That kind of cured me of big dollar putters especially when I'm making putts with a $9 Zebra or a Zing that I pulled out of a garbage barrel.

My son is a fairly decent player even though he doesn't get to play much anymore.  I've seen him make more putts with a 20 year old Anser with a ratty grip than I've ever seen anyone else make with anything else.  That pretty well sums it up for me.

Scott Rushing
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I don't disagree Sco.   One

I don't disagree Sco.   One thing that intrigued me a little with this putter was it only comes in a 33" length.  I was told that the Cameron & Crown putters are specifically designed as 33" putters.  Not 35" putters cut down to 33".  But from the get go, they are aligned, gripped,  balanced, weighted, all as a true 33 " putter.   Now, for me, I was fitted years ago and told 33" putter matched my natural putter setup so I was curious to experiement with it.   Most 33" putters are just 35's cut down.  Now maybe 2" of shaft doesn't't change the weight  characteristics of the club  a lot but it's one less variable in the balancing and weighting.

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I've tried them because like you, I wanted to see what the fuss was. It was nice, but not nice enough that I could see spending $300 on it. If you are a good putter, you can put with anything. One of the worst putters we play with uses a Scotty, hasn't helped him. I still use my trusty Sabertooth, haven't had a reason to switch!

It's not's how many

Scott Rushing
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Sabertooth was a very nice

Sabertooth was a very nice putter...almost bought on myself..

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I was using a Sabertooth for

I was using a Sabertooth for a few years then switched to the new Dart when it came out a few years ago. Same great feel as the Sabertooth and for me a little bit easier to ALIGN it to my target line at address. The ARROW on the top just seems to work very easy for aiming it at my target line. I won a putting contest at Golf Galaxy using the Dart liked it enough to buy one, Then they gave me one as my prize for winning the contest so now I have a spare on hand. They are both cut down to 33" as that is the length that I perfer, and I do not see any reason why a putter has to be desighed to be any one length within reason.


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