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Mixing it up

the guy we play with, who is pretty decent (his son is a golf pro at a private club) just added a new TM M2 hybrid to his bag, I think #5, but the interesting thing is he got it with a steel shaft. I didn't inspect it up close, must be an ultralight one. He's using it to replace an iron, so I guess his thinking is to maintain the accuracy. He hit it quite well, it was his first round (he had only hit it at the range prior). It was going 150-160 yards for him.

When I first heard about

When I first heard about hybrids it was my thinking that if you were going to replace an iron with a hybrid, you should use the same type of shaft as you have in your irons, so it will feel about the same as the iron. Which is why my first hybrid I built had a steel shaft in it. And yes, it did feel more like an iron than a fairway wood. So I'm not at all surprised by what your playing partner has done, makes perfect sense to me. 


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Back in the early days of

Back in the early days of hybrids you used to be able to get them steel shafted quite regularly.  Now it's an oddity as distance is the be all and end all so that tends to swing the balance in favour of a graphite shaft.

To be honest, with all the advances in weighting and launch with irons I'm rather surprised that hybrids are still as popular as they are at least as mid iron replacements.  I get it for long irons, but the shorter ones not so much with fat bottomed SGI irons launching the ball to the moon.  I'm surprised more folks haven't opted for a split set approach to irons with SGI for the mid irons and then more traditional irons for the scoring clubs.

Some ot the tour pros do

Some ot the tour pros do something like what your suggest. I know Phil plays blades in his short irons but then moves to a cavity back design for his long irons, where his main goal is NOT to zero in on the flag, but to just HIT the greens on his approach shots. He started doing this before he won a major and I think the results since say it all. 


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Agree Don...I see lots of

Agree Don...I see lots of those 'combo' sets...where the shorter clubs - the more precision clubs - are more blade like, more manuverable.  Whereas the longer irons offer my forgiveness and more lower CGs to get the right ball flight.

I've pulled my hyrbids for now and am back to the 4 and 5 irons my set came with.  hit them pretty well thus far.  So we'll see how this goes for a few more weeks.

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