So what is the rule...

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So what is the rule...

Don't know if I mentioned this...but this really happened too me..

In Pinehurst..which has lots of pine needles laying around.  I hit my tee shot left of a green into a bunker, or so I thought.  Bunker is sunken down so that all the grass areas run down into the bunker.   But get up there and my ball is nowhere to be seen.  I saw it go in there but it's not there.   Low and behold upon looking I see a ball on the grassy bank just out of the bunker but the ball and grass are covered by pine needles.   

Now I don't know that it's my ball so I need to check it.   I move the needles on top of it and the ball rolls into the bunker.  it's mine but what do I do?  Putting the ball back on the bank it rolls closer to the hole by going into the bunker.  

So should I place it...and keep placing it until I can get it to stay?   or do I place it AND put the pine needles over it to hold it in place?   The pine needles where the only thing that kept it on the grass to begin with.  What's the right play?

 Good question Scott. I would

 Good question Scott. I would think that your could lift the ball, clean off any pine needles from an area you intend to drop the ball, then drop the ball. If it again rolls toward the hole, drop it again, If it rolls toward the hole again, pick it up and place it where it landed and if needed, press it into the ground just enough to get the ball to stay in place, Then play you next shot and with some luck you will be on the green and putting for par. I

I don't know if that is the correct thing to do under the rules, but it would make sense to do it that way, so it may not be correct. Not often that the rules agree with common sense it seems. 


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