2018 Golf season wrap up and 2019 goals

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Scott Rushing
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2018 Golf season wrap up and 2019 goals

Well, so how did you end the golf season this year?   Playing better?  Worse?    2019 goals?

For me, it was a struggle on the golf course this year.  On the positive side, I lost a lot of weight which has been great.  Lost about 35 lbs and kept most of it off.  Have put back on about 7lbs so between now and Feb 1 wanting to lose that plus another 5.  I feel better but that's I think cause some balance issues with the swing. 

Overall this year golf wise I think I made positive changes to the swing - they just take time to get used too.  

Driver:  Alignment I think was a problem so I think I'm more aware of that now on setup.  I've learn how changes in tempo change the result of the swing.  So I'm smarter but I have to find my right tempo and focus on making that swing every time.  I'd give the driver a C+ this year.   I like where it's heading but it's inconsistent.

long irons:  Need more work with fairway woods off the deck.  One day they are great.  the next terrible.  Not sure if it's tempo or ball position or the swing. Because of that, I don't use them as often as I could  Grade : C-

Irons:  I feel like I'm getting the club in a better position at the top and making solid contact on the ball.  The good swings are really nice.  And I think there's more flushed shots now.  But the bad ones are still there.  Again i think alignment, tempo and balance are the struggles.  Interesting..the day I was playing fast last week to beat the daylight, I hit the ball really well.  But there are days when I feel I'm "rushing" and don't make complete pre-shot routine or swings.  So not sure what to think about that result.    Grade: B+

Short game:  Still feel real comfortable with my ability to get up and down from most places around the green.  Bunker play is still a work in progress.  Everything flies too far.  Because of the bunker play, I'd give myself a C for short game

Putting:  I like the AimPoint system, if I can get a feel for the break.  I need to practice almost flat putts more this winter, and trying to feel that with my feet. If I can see the break, I feel pretty good about the reads.  Overall I'd say B+ on putting.


So for the 2018 wrap up, my handicap doubled this year...going from a 4.3 to a 9.3.  Mostly due to lack of play and ability to instill the changes in my body and swing.  but it's coming around.  The recent Par'ish score for 9 holes was encouraging.  With the winter here, it'll be a challenge to get a lot of playing time so plan to focus on balance and swing tempo indoors and try to hit the range some.  Overall because of the handicap increase I'd give this year a C at best for me.  I do think there are some aspects of the swing that are better.  I feel like I flush a lot more shots.  it's just the bad ones kill the score.  it's hard to recover from an 8 when my game is mostly about making Pars and bogeys.  I don't make enough birdies to pull that 8 down.


For 2019, I hope to continue to improve physically and focus on tempo, alignment and balance.  Distance is fine on the clubs, but I have to improve the consistency of the swing.  Hope to get the handicapi back down to more like a 6 next year.

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This will be brief.  In 2017

This will be brief.  In 2017 I played 63 rounds.  In 2018 I played 23 holes!

My goal for 2019 is to play, period.  At this point I'd settle for 9 holes a week (and that would be a triumph!), but I just don't know...

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2018 to 2019

Didn't play as much in 2018 due to lousy weather. Our spring was wet, cold, and it didn't warm up until a month later than usual. Rain all Summer, rain all Fall. Busy at work and didn't get any mid-week rounds in that I recall. Handicap ended up at 14.6, the lowest it was over the summer was 14.4. That is an improvement vs. last year due to getting my iron swing straightened out. I would have liked to have posted only rounds in the 80's, but lack of practice doesn't make that happen. I also lost some time due to my shoulder injury.

Next year I may need to change some clubs, my hybrids are really old. Hope to get to some demo days in the Spring. Realistically I think my handicap is never going below 12 with my schedule constraints. I would need to put in some practice time to get it down to 12, that is probably a realistic goal. Whether I can make that happen next year is unknown, since there are some things at work which may change and eat away even more at my time.

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