2020 Masters is coming up soon.

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2020 Masters is coming up soon.

I believe the Masters will be played NOv. 12-15th if memory serves me right. NOT too far off. Will be interesting to see IF the course looks and plays any different at this time of year compared to April. I wonder if the trees will have LOST most of their leaves or not. Not sure how that kind of thing happens down in Georgia since I've never been in that part of the country. Here in Colorado and back east in New York fall is in full swing by now. We have about HALF of the leases on the ground now and more will fall by the time the Masters starts. I guess I'll find out about Atlanta in the Fall in a few days. From my esperienece playing in the Fall, I know it can make a big difference in HOW one can SEE the layout of a hole when the leasves are not in the way and I can see through the branches of the trees lining the fairways and I can see around the dogleg and see where the fairway is down range. 

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Well in Carolina the leaves

Well in Carolina the leaves are mostly down.  There are a few left but 60 % of them are down.   I am assuming the azaleas will not be blooming but it's possible they have a second bloom with that variety.  We'll see.  Daylight is a big change/issue.  They'll be going off both tee Thur/Fri in 3somes to try and get done before dark.  No Par match Wed.   But curious to see how it plays.  Can't wait

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