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Above and Beyond

Apparently the manager of our county Golf Course, Bobby Kauth, recently saved the life of a golfer who had a heart attack on the course. They have a portable defib unit hanging on the wall outside the pro shop (also just outside the bar, coincidentally)...and someone was in distress on the 7th hole (may have been a golf outing) and he drove out with the unit and shocked the guy and did CPR and the victim woke up in the hospital, thanks to his efforts. Bobby has had his own health issues over the past couple of years, he's a great guy, and hats off to him for acting quickly and effectively.yes

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Great stuff, Aimee!  I haven

Great stuff, Aimee!  I haven't actually seen a defibrillation unit at a course.  I know the one that I work at doesn't have one, but the curling club that I belong to does and it has been called into service on occasion.  The truth of the matter is that as we age and your frequent places with more and more seniors, having these units available can be a matter of life and death.  angel

It was good that he could get

It was good that he could get to the guy in time to help. Good thing he wasn't at the farthest point on the course away from the club house, or it might have been too late. 


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