Adams releases XTD Driver

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Scott Rushing
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Adams releases XTD Driver

Adams XTD

Price: $399

Adams's brass boasts that its XTD driver has the hottest face in golf. In fact, the company measures the club's "characteristic time" (CT is a measurement of face flexibility and ball speed) on four separate occasions during the assembly process to ensure its liveliness. The XTD employs progressive face thickness plus cut-through velocity slots in the crown, center sole, and toe of the sole. This causes the clubface to flex on average 6 percent more (like a trampoline) than the company's Super S driver. As a result, shots struck on the low toe have a 19 percent higher CT than the Super S, which results in 1.5 mph faster ball speeds. Also, a thin, light crown saves 10 grams. Some of this weight is placed back into the body as "ribs" to help acoustics, and to lower the center of gravity. The XTD can be adjusted +/- 1.5° loft. The 45-inch club comes standard with a Matrix Red Tie 6Q shaft in 9°, 10.5° or 12° lofts.

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