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Beverage of choice

So what are the beverages of choice for GGR members?     A cold one?   A nice Chardonay?  A shot of Bourbon?    A nice Single malt?   All of the above?

I'm NOT a big drinker in any

I'm NOT a big drinker in any way. A good example of this is that the last case of beer I purchased last me more than a year, close to 1-1/2 years in fact. Not much of a wine drinker either. I like a somewhat sweet wine if I do drink wine. Most so called GOOD wine I find way too DRY, or what I would call Bitter. Never have been one to drink straight booze, like a glass or bourbon or scotch. More of a mixed drink person. Love a good Margarita or Screwdriver, or Vodka Tonic or Rusty Nail. About the only thing I like to drink straight is Bailey's Irish Cream or Drambuie. I think it would be a total waste of money and a good bottle of 40 year old single malt for me to drink a glass of it. Better to save it for someone that would appreciate it. 


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I like beer. I enjoy going to a brew pub and getting a flight of beer to try different varieties. At my husband's holiday party I drank a Guinness, in fact (was at an Irish pub type of restaurant, so I felt compelled). I also enjoy wine, both white and red. I sometimes have a bad reaction to wine so I have to limit myself to one small glass. I also am in the same camp as Don, in that I drink hard liquor in mixed drinks but do like a sip of Drambuie once a year (there is a Christmas open house where the family has a bottle for grandpop, they pull it out for me). Michael and I enjoy a good "potato and tomato" juice at home. In general, I don't think I've had more than 2 drinks in a very long time.

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Scott Rushing
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I don't turn a way a beer

I don't turn a way a beer that's for sure.  I tend to like Pilsners more than anything.  Not big into real hoppy beers but I'll enjoy a blonde or IPA now and then.  But I am enjoying spirits more these days.  I like a good Tequila...not cheap, but like $50 bottle and no I don't make margaritas out of it.  I'll do that with the Kirkland Tequila.  Which is fine for that.  But Clooney's Casamigo is great.  Also enjoy trying Scotch, Whiskey and Bourbons.  Not huge fan of a lot of Bourbon but I have a few.  But I do like to have a small pour with 1 ice cube and kick back and sip on it over a movie or something...Maybe I'll try that this weekend.


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I enjoy the brewpub

I enjoy the brewpub experience as well.  We went to one yesterday with friends for lunch before they left for the sunny south -- Portugal that is.  I like a nicely balanced beer that has some bitterness as well as having body; maybe an IPA, maybe an amber or perhaps an unfiltered Whit in the hot weather.  That was actually the first alcoholic beer I've had since before Christmas as I generally drink Beck's nonalcoholic beer at the curling club.

WE do enjoy a glass of wine with dinner most nights though.  Could be red or white depending upon what is being served.  One of my favourites is a German red -- Dornfelder -- but it is hard to get outside of restaurants.  We can get really good Reislings locally at a good price, so that would be our preference in white.

Beyond that I try my best to limit consumption, such is the case as we get older and various health issues can be aggravated by alcohol consumption.