Caddie injured at Pebble...

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Scott Rushing
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Caddie injured at Pebble...

Golf fans held their breath as Jim Furyk attempted to play a shot from the rocky cliff to the right of the sixth fairway Sunday.

Furyk may have emerged unscathed, but Matt Bettencourt’s caddie wasn’t as fortunate in another incident at Pebble Beach. 

Caddie Brian Rush suffered a concussion, broke his shoulder and suffered a compound fracture in his forearm Sunday when he slipped and fell on the craggy coastline to the left of the 18th fairway.

Bettencourt told reporters that Rush’s left heel caught a piece of moss on the rock. Rush, who is Bettencourt's brother-in-law, hit his head twice on the rock.

“It wasn’t really good,” Bettencourt said. “Just was kind of scared for him. When his bone went through his arm, it was compound, so that was bad.” 

After 25 minutes, Rush was strapped to a stretcher, pulled up the hill and rushed to a local hospital. Playing his ninth hole of the day, Bettencourt had one of his friends in the gallery carry his bag for the remainder of the round.