Caddy DIES during first round of event

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Caddy DIES during first round of event

The caddy for a Frence player collapsed and died during the first round to the ladies Masters. He was a 56 year old Austrailan man with a wife and two sons if I remember correctly.   I read that the same thing happened about 2 years ago on tour. I don't want to sound mean, but I have to wonder if the caddies eat too much JUNK food while they are on tour. Not much real healthy food being sold at those events, mostly hotdog and hamburgers from what I've seen at the few tour events I've been to.

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having attended professional events, I did see some caddies who looked like they were likely candidates for stroke/heart attack (no offense, Don!) - overweight, red faced...smoking...But it's tragic none the less. Who knows, he may have had one of those hidden conditions that just took him at a young age.

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56 isn't young.  We've been

56 isn't young.  We've been lead to believe it is, but the truth is that it is middle age and there has been a lot of wear and tear on the machinery no matter how well you look after yourself.

You hear people say that 38 is the new 28 (or some similar type of reference with respect to aging).  In the words of a baseball executive he said that 38 may have been the new 28 when steroid use was widespread, but now that it isn't, 28 is still 28 and by 38 your skills have declined.  The point being that physically demanding and high stress occupations are going to extract a toll on the body as you age.

Having said all this, that doesn't take awy from the trajedy that has befallen this individuals family , friends and associates.