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the chin

What do you do with your chin during the golf swing? I've never thought about it consistently, but remember seeing really good players always raising their chin before they initiated their swing. Working with Golf Digest, Nick Faldo recently authored an article about 10 rules for the swing, and his first was about the chin!

"Aim your chin at the ball."

"When I was 15, my dad and I went to the 1973 Open Championship at Troon. I followed the winner, Tom Weiskopf, all week. What impressed me was the incredible sound he made at impact with the long irons, a crack nobody else made. To make precise contact like Weiskopf did, you cannot allow your head to drift around during the swing. He appeared to aim his chin at the ball at address and then kept it steady throughout the swing, letting it swivel slightly but never allowing it to dip. I've used that thought throughout my career."

Tiger Woods also made a similar statement, "I was taught early on the connection between an athletic posture and a consistent golf swing. That means bending from the waist, arms hanging naturally, slight knee flex and chin away from my chest. Many amateurs bury the chin in the chest during setup, which restricts the shoulder turn and weight transfer."

The guys are PurepointGolfSwing also commented on the importance of the chin during the swing: "The chin controls what happens to the shoulders in the backswing. If the chin is down in your chest at address (#32), the shoulders will have a tendency to pop up in the backswing. The right shoulder will NOT turn out of the way to make room for the arms to swing around. If you continue to leave your chin down in your chest you might have some success with the shorter clubs, but the long clubs will be very difficult to hit. You can get away with the arms swinging up and down with the short clubs, you might not be so lucky with the longer clubs."

Admittedly, I have never really focused on it. I guess I will give it more thought at the practice range..

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Interesting. I've heard

Interesting. I've heard about chin placement a long time ago, but have totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

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