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Cleveland 460 driver



aren't you a fan of rhte old Cleveland Launcher 460 drivers?   I just hit one yesterday when a playing partner was complaining about hitting his driver.  I went up and launched one, just murdered it.  I've never owned one but for an older head it wasn't overly "huge" and hit solid.  i think the guy needs a higher lofted one as his is 9.5 but his problem is his swing, not the driver :)



Cleveland made 2 models of

Cleveland made 2 models of the Launcher 460 driver. First thcy came out with the 460 Launcher, I believe it was 2005, then they came out with the 460 Launcher Comp the next year, and sold both of them that year. I like the 460 Comp better because it gives a higher launch angle with the same loft of the head. Has to due with the lower center of gravity with the composite crown of the Comp head. When Golf Magazine did they club test that year, a lot of the testers said that the 460 Comp was the longest driver they hit it the test program, and that's one reason I hit one. I've been using the 460 Comp ever since. I have a few extra heads on hand just in case I need one. I have a few 9.5* heads, at least one 10.5* head and an11.5* head that I plan to build up for myself this summer. I've demoed just about every new driver to come out the last 10 years and I nave NOT found even one that I hit as far or as well as my 460 Launcher Comp.


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