Donald Trump 'buys' a Major

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Donald Trump 'buys' a Major

Donald Trump has confirmed to that he purchased the Turnberry Resort in Scotland on Monday night. Speaking by phone, Trump said that he wasn’t looking specifically to buy the Open venue on Scotland’s west coast, but he couldn’t pass it up after an inquiry revealed it might be on the market.

“It was an opportunity, as far as I was concerned,” Trump said. “Turnberry is considered one of the greatest courses in the world. It’s a special place. It’s an important place.”

The Independent in London reported that Trump paid Dubai-based Leisurecorp just over $63 million — 37.5 million pounds — for the resort, his 17th golf property.

The purchase of the Turnberry Hotel and its golf courses means the Donald would realize his ambition of hosting a major title. The Ailsa Course has hosted four Open Championships and was the venue for Tom Watson’s greatest triumph, the “Duel in the Sun” victory over Jack Nicklaus in 1977. It was also the scene for Watson’s saddest defeat, an overtime loss to Stewart Cink in 2009 when the Claret Jug was in his grasp at the 72nd hole.

Trump acknowledged the scenic beauty of the property, nodded to its historic status in golf and claimed he’s hands-off on golf course changes for the immediate future.

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Womens US Open is being played at a Trump course in Nj I believe in 2016. The Donald loves his high profile golf.

It's not's how many


I lot hass happened lately with the Donald and his bid for presicent. Seems a lot of people are NOT too happy with his stand on a lot of issues, especially imagration from Mexico. And the USGA is NOT too happy with Trump either these days. Nor are the TV stations that cover the golf events. So the future of golf at ANY of the Trump courses will be up in the air for awhile at least. The DONALD is NOT a PC type of person, and while I admit that I agree with some of the things he has said, it's NOT very PC, and he's not making a lot of friends in the media these days.


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you know it's interesting to

you know it's interesting to see how much he has gained voting support since the beginning of the race.  I would have thought he would not have been as 'interesting' to voters since he really didn't have a politcal background.  but it appears, at least before the last debate, his non-PC sometimes outlandish comments have garnered him support.  I don't know how things will turn out after this last debate, seems he lost some ground, but to him, any press is press...and the more he speaks his mind, the more people seem to put him in the headlines.  And that makes him relevant...good or bad.

I don't know how it will all turn out but I can just imagine the foreign leaders running out of the White House because he's NOT PC!!!  Being a business type, I don't see him having enough patience to NOT offend someone.  He just gets too frustrated if things don't move forward...

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A bit late on this thread but

A bit late on this thread but words from the r&a ( St Andrews) say hell will freeze over before a trump owned course will hold THE open. Something to do with his views on Muslims. It's a real shame because turnburry is a fantastic OPEN venue as are most that are chosen. 63 million dollars ! Loose change. Cac

cac handed Geordie.

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Yeah, he is a very polarizing

Yeah, he is a very polarizing individual....

Golf is a game that can only be played... Administrator