Drinking the right fluids while playing golf has many benefits

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Drinking the right fluids while playing golf has many benefits

All golfers can benefit from better nutrition and proper hydration because these factors play a significant role in energy availability and utilization. When you eat foods high in carbohydrates, (These are mostly white foods such as potatoes, sugar, flour, and rice.) you will feel tired and won’t be able to think properly because these foods turn to sugar rapidly and move into your nervous system quickly. When there is too much sugar in your system, the pancreas secretes insulin to decrease the glucose (sugar) levels. When the glucose levels drop as a result of the insulin, you become mentally fatigued, physically tired, lose motivation, lose focus and concentration, become nervous, and have a low tolerance for problem situations.

We normally think of the food we eat in and what fluids we drink terms of enjoyment, of being healthy, or of what it does to our bodies in terms of attractiveness. The truth is that your body is a complex and vast storehouse of chemicals and what you eat and drink and the amount of what you take in and when you take it in can change the chemistry of your digestive and nervous systems which in turn can impact your results on the golf course.

Playing 18 holes on a hot, humid day can easily drain your body of vital fluids and key nutrients that it needs to function properly. Since our body is 60-70% water by weight, it is easy to see how a golfer might lose several pints or even quarts of water through sweat. We know that if the body loses 2% or more of its’ weight in sweat losses, performance is likely compromised. To stay well hydrated, follow these guidelines:

· Start by drinking 16 oz of water when you wake up

· Include a hydrating beverage with the meal before you play (water, juice, milk, decaffeinated tea)

· Get 6-8 oz water or sports drink 15 minutes before exercise and every 15 minutes during the round (especially on hot days)

· If temperatures and humidity are high, it is best to alternate water with a sports drink that contains sodium to avoid dehydration (Ex: Gatorade or Powerade, not Vitamin Water)

· After the round, consume hydrating fluids BEFORE any alcohol so that your body has the chance to rehydrate fully. You will need 16-24 oz fluid for every pound lost

· Make sure you urinate frequently, every 2-3 hours and you have ample clear to light colored urine

Now, you have the key nutrition tips for avoiding those low blood sugar blues and lethargy caused by not fueling or hydrating properly. Which means….you will finish those last few holes as a champion!
- See more at: http://www.golfaustin.org/my-golf/nutrition-and-health-for-golfers/sport...