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Florida golf

if anyone has suggestions for places to play, hubby and I are flying in to Tampa at the end of April. Prelim research looks like there are plenty of places to play for around $60/round. We may use Golf Now to book also.
So we are basically looking for places within an hour of Tampa, or possibly near Naples (may be staying there).

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I'd suggest the GolfNow route

I'd suggest the GolfNow route. I've played in Tampa a couple times but mostly at local muni's. Nothing outstanding but I don't know how much golf costs where you are so here in NC, $60 gets you a REALLY nice course. Like Top 15 Public courses in the state. Take a couple hours drive and there's more than a few great ones but there's also the $$$.

Are you taking your clubs or renting? If you're playing multiple rounds, I;m sure you're taking. I found rental options to be pretty dismal so I'd take your clubs. Some courses were like "we have a few different irons that have been left here you could use for free.." No thanks.

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courses and clubs

definitely taking the clubs since we are going to try to get 4 rounds in. We arrive late morning on a Wednesday, so would try to find someplace near the hotel to get an afternoon round in. Michael has a cousin who has a weekend home in Naples, so hoping to get an invite to play at his club if he's around.
In our area, $60 gets you an average course. We aren't looking for an "experience" (ie, TPC of Tampa Bay), just some solid places to get our early season swings in.

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I heard good things about the

I heard good things about the Dunedin Golf Club -- a regulation length muni -- and Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf
Club -- a executive length muni -- from a woman I sat beside at a couple of the Blue Jays games I attended.