Good Drill to hit UP with the driver

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Good Drill to hit UP with the driver

I just watched a good video on hitting UP on the ball with the driver, and wanted to post it here after CAC asked for a tip on doing just that., The instructor teed up a ball, and then put TWO more tees in the ground. one about 18 inches in front of the ball, "Toward" the target, at the same tee height as the one with the ball, and then one behind the ball about 18 inches again, and lower, about what you might use for a fairway wood tee shot. The idea is the HIT the tee in front of the ball with your follow thru swing, and NOT hit the ball behind the ball with your down swing, IF the LOW point of your swing is between the first tee and the tee the ball is sitting on,  your driver head should be comoing UP on the ball when it contacts the ball. Good drill to work on hitting UP on the ball and pretty easy to setup and hit balls.

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I'm finding this hard to

I'm finding this hard to follow don, don't know if I'm mixed up. I'm picturing a big pink tee between the ball and the target. A small red tee near your right foot behind the ball away from the target. If I hit the red tee then the ball then the club should be on the rise and miss the tall pink tee. Is this right. CAC 

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I think the drill is to do just the opposite of what you said.  You want to miss the short tee on your downswing and HIT the taller tee on your follow through.  The short one is there I think to keep you moving the bottom of the swing a little forward so the club would be rising again going into the ball on the tee. 

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CAC:  I think it's Okay to

CAC:  I think it's Okay to NOT hit the forward tee on your followthru. But remember, that in order to hit the ball in the MIDDLE of the driver clubface, you HAVE to hit the tee under the ball. IF you do NOT hit the tee under the ball with todays tall face drivers, you are hit the ball  near the bottom of the face, and not in the CENTER. This why it's a good idea to hit the tall tee in frount of the ball as well as the tee under the ball. Depending on how much UP your swing is coming into the ball. you might hit the forward tee or you might go over it, which is why I say it's okay of hit ir or miss it. I hope this makes a bit more sense to you.


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