Grip pressure

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Grip pressure

Read an interesting article recently..and you know how you could read articles throughout the year(s) and over time tips and instructors go against what another article by another instructor said.  Well this struck me as that at first.  So we've always heard you should keep your grip pressure light..6 or 7 out of 10.  that too much tension impedes the ability of the wrists to rotate, cock, etc.   So I was reading this article from in Golf or GD, and the expert was saying yes that's true BUT in his working with tour pros and top caliber golfers, that their grip strength was significantly strongs than amateurs and therefore even at 7 out of 10 on a scale, they are still exhibiting more pressure than we do.   I guess it's all relative ...their 6 of 10 and our 6 of 10 are similar percentage wise but that their actual grip pressure is still a lot more than ours.  Which makes since given some of the more violent swings we've seen on tour over the years.

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that is a big thing for my instructor, he always works on tension/grip looser. He also confirms that the club can't rotate properly if you hold it too tight. I think the pros have to hold a bit firmer due to their swing speed and frankly they are manipulating the club far more for shot shaping and such.

It's not's how many

Percentage is what matters Scott.

What really matters is the percentage of your strength that you are using to hold your clubs. The lower the percentage of your strength that you use to hold the club, the looser your muscles will be and the faster you can swing the club. If you want to increase your control and your swing speed, you need to increase your grip strength so you can use less of your total strength so your muscles are more relaxed. If you increase your grip strength you might be able to go from a 6 of 10 pressure to a 5 or maybe a 4 of 10, and still hold the club with the same grip pressure, only using less effect and less tention in your hands and arms. 


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