Happy Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day

to the American members, happy Independence Day! Hope you get some time outdoors, it is weird having the holiday fall on Thursday because half of the people just take off Friday also so work becomes very quiet. I've got a tee time for Thursday a.m. and hopefully any potential thunderstorms (always a possibility this time of year) hold off until later in the day.

to the Canadians, belated happy Canada Day!

My wife got Thursday off and

My wife got Thursday off and took off Friday as a vacation day, so we got a 4 day weekend out of it. Kind of nice to have her home for 4 days in a row. Plenty HOT around here just now. Been in the low to mid 90's quite a bit lately. At least it's a DRY heat. Problem with that is that all my garden plants are drying out as fast as I can water them. Have to water my tomatoe plants twice a day to keep them from getting all wilted. 

I almost forgot to mention that Motyer Nature did a GREAT job of providing us with a FREE fireworks display on the Fourth. We had so much lighting and thunder that night that a lot of the fireworks displays by the local humans had to be cancelled. 


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