Hitting behind the ball problem ???

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Hitting behind the ball problem ???

I watched a video on hitting fat the other day and sent a copy of the link to Scott as it talked about hitting a wood off the deck and Scott had mentioned that he was having a problem with hitting his wood off the deck. The instructor talked about a lot to things and the golfers kept coming back to "WHY" did he hit behind the ball no matter what he tried.

NO Where in the video did the instructor ask the ohe question that I always ask a golfer when I see him or her hitting behind the Ball. The one simple question I always ask is, "What part of the ball are you looking at when you set up ?  Most every time the answer I get is that they are looking at the "Back of the Ball".. That is when I tell he or she to try "Looking at the FRONT of the Ball". The golf ball is about 1-5/8ths of an inch in diameter. So if you look at the frong of the ball instead of the back of it, maybe you will hit about an inch and a half farther forward and hit the Ball instead of hitting the ground behind it. NO change in the setup or swing. just look at the frong of the ball for a simple fix for the problem. And guess what? When they try my idea they instantly start to hit the ball before the club hits the ground and the problem is solved with that one simple change. I would have to say that this little tip works great about 95 % of the time when I help someone at the range. And the person is always shocked at how simple it was to fix the problem. Rather than trying to change their swing, they just changed their point of aim from the back of the ball to the front of the ball. ALL of the top golf instructor say you want to hit down on the ball with your irons, and the bottom of the swing arc should be "in front of the Ball". So why do those same golf instructors tell golfers to "Look at the back of the Ball"  ? Makes no sense when you notice that More golfers hit FAT a lot of the time. and very few hit the ball "Thin". You would think that if the bottom of your iron swing should be in front of the ball, that is just makes sense to "LOOK" in front of the ball where you want your club to bottom out. NOT behind the ball. 


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I played today with a guy who

I played today with a guy who said after the round he was happy with how he hit his irons, he'd been having trouble not hitting solid, hitting behind the ball.  He said the difference was basically he moved his focus of his view to about 1 to 2 inches in front of the ball and then swung.  So Don about like your video, moving the eyesight forward was clearly making him happier with his iron shots

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It's amazing that golf

It's amazing that golf instrutors don't teach golfers that hit it fat or behind the ball to look in front of the ball as a cure. I can only assume that they want golfers to struggle so they can sell more lessons week after week with littole or no improvement. IF they correct the problem the first time the golfer would have no reason to come back a spend more money. 


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