Hitting the Pin is Not always a good thing.

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Hitting the Pin is Not always a good thing.


The link above is a great little video that I think most of you will enjoy. It's a collection of short video clips that were shot on Tour. Some of the thngs that happened was NOT what the golfer wanted by any means. Some are down right MEAN. I know I would not like some of the results these golfers got when hitting a nearly perfect shot. Jacks' shot might be the worst of all. Watch the video and let me know hwat you think.




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yeah usually that works out

yeah usually that works out worse for the golfers than missing the pin....

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had it both ways over the

had it both ways over the years. Not that I hit the flag all that often, but it really makes me a bit angry when I manage to hit it right at the flag and the fool ball bounces off the green. Last time I remember hitting the flag was on a bunker shot that required me to hit the ball up to a raised green. So I didn't get to see the ball hit the stick, but my playing partner did and he told me about it after the fact. Good thing was my ball ended up only a few feet from the cup so it was an easy one putt to save par. '


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