How to hit a Power Fade

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How to hit a Power Fade

A power fade is a driving, left-to-right tee shot that you hit on purpose, not because you left the clubface wide open at impact or cut wildly across the ball (the errors you make when you slice).

When to Use It

It's ideal on holes that turn hard to the right or when most of the trouble is up the left side. It's a trustworthy play because it's easier to pull off then a dead-straight drive or one that draws.



Tee the ball on the right side of the tee box. This gives you more room to play your drive to the left before it curves back to the center. Then, pick a spot between the center of the fairway and the left rough and align your stance to it. That's the line your shot travels on before it turns right. Position the ball one ball's width forward of normal in your stance and rotate the club open a few degrees.


Make your everyday backswing and downswing. Your setup and open face automatically create the left-to-right curve you're planning on. It helps if you aim for the outside quadrant of the ball. Striking here increases the likelihood that the ball will fade back to the center. Lastly, don't try to kill the ball. The faster you swing, the easier it is for your hands to turn over and hook the ball into the junk.

AIM LEFT Pick a spot between the center and the left rough. That's the line your ball starts on before it curves back to the middle of the fairway.

EASY RIDER This is the easiest tee shot you can hit, and a good one to use on the first few holes if you didn't have time to warm up.

TEE IT LOW Tee the ball so that its equator lines up with the sweet spot. A lower tee height will encourage you to swing level through impact and guard against a pull hook.

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