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Scott, sorry that your rounds were kind of a drag. Funny how we can "know" how we should manage a hole, yet continue to blow it. I think there are just some days that your head just isn't in it fully. It was too cold to play in NJ this weekend, our first one missed. Both days the temps stayed in the 40's. Hoping for a rebound, we are looking at mid-50's later this week, which is more "normal". I do like to try to play through the end of November, usually the weather cooperates.

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Thanks Aimee.  I walked 9

Thanks Aimee.  I walked 9 holes Friday, was nice out..but windy and cooler so the ball wasn't trraveling far.  Didn't really play for a postable 9 holes..was just going to different tee boxes to try and hit certain shots with my irons.  I stuck to using the 'bow my left wrist on the take-away' and I was surprised how well I struck the ball.  Very crisp, good ball flight.  Struck 7I very well from the fairway on the 2nd hole.  4I off the tee on 4 was pure.  Overall better day than expected. 

Also tried the new PING see how it did and see if the beach golf rounds where it was a consistent fade was the case.  Not really.  Working on having a consistent take-away and not swaying, and had several shots that were basically straight.  Did hit some fades, and not really any draws.  Length was hard to compare given the cooler temps.  Tried to hit the Callaway on the same te boxes but was having an OFF day with that driver. Never hit a good one to compare with.   So I'll keep trying it.   I tend to start the ball a little right of my intended target...whereas with irons that's left.  So have some  things to work on.


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