How was your last round of golf?

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rain, etc.

Michael played yesterday in pretty miserable conditions (low/mid 50's, wet from earlier rain, some mist). We have a tee time Sunday, it's supposed to be around 60 degrees. Raining heavily all day today. On our course the 18th tee for white/blue black is very elevated, the cart path goes downhill and takes a sharp left turn. They had to put yellow arrow signs up, since if you don't make that left turn there is a rock-lined shallow gulch below. Rumor is that someone had a few too many, ran straight into that gulch and was seriously injured or killed (not sure it was a fatal event, but you know how tales become taller over time...).

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Scott Rushing
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Aimee, I saw a few weeks ago

Aimee, I saw a few weeks ago someone who sank a cart in one of our ponds...your story reminds me of that..    We've had great weather the last few days..about 10 degrees higher than normal..75 degrees with sun.  It's been great.  Played 12 holes Saturday..we started late because of some tournaments and while we might could have gotten through maybe 16 17 holes, we were close to the club house and waiting on each shot so we decided to call it.   Cold start in that we didn't get there in time to loosen up any.  hit a BIG slice on the first tee shot but actually got up and down for Par.   went bogey-bogey on the next two holes hitting some pretty good shots.  Doubled the 4th when someone talking in my backswing approach got me and I yanked my approach into trouble.   But for the next 7 holes I managed to Par them all to shoot 4 over for the 12 holes.   Irked me though I didn't make any of 5 makeable birdie putts.  lipped out  2 and then just missed the others.     Rainy this week...that and darkness at 5pm with my work schedule mean I won't get a lot of golf in during the week now.   SIGH!!!

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