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WE woke up to about 3 inches

WE woke up to about 3 inches of snow Sunday moring with a temp of 25 degrees. NO golf in the near future at it's pretty wet everywhere with wet snow making things not good for golf. Will be back in the mid 50's by mid week so thiere is hope at least. 



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I heard the snow season has

I heard the snow season has started there Don.  I was thinking about heading out that way when I get a break at work but I had a bad experience there a few years back getting stuck in the snow and not getting back..might wait for the thaw in the spring.  Ha!

Aimee, its turning cooler here this week.  Had 80 todaybut after today nothing above 67.  Rain here and there...but works kicking my butt so not much chance to get out.  Which sucks because my course remodel is done and there was a members event THursday that I wanted to play in .. but now it looks like work will take maybe next week I'll get to check it out.  Want to see how the new championship greens are..

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First time at the range in 2019, I think it was end of Oct last time I played? Considering the layoff, not too bad. It was around 50 degrees, some gusty wind, the sun was going in and out. Unfortunately the range faces right into the sun, so a little hard to see some of the shots. The wind was blowing right to left the whole time, so if I was seeing a soft draw it was probably close to straight flight. The pro who owns the range is trying to get knee replacement surgery scheduled shortly, so he won’t be spending time in FL this winter. If I can hit the range once in Feb. and twice in March, will be OK for the spring. We will probably be getting a big drop in temps end of this month, so I am assuming this was my one shot for Jan.

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Got in a quick range session

Got in a quick range session today...lower 60s temps today so nice to get out.  Cold front coming through..about upper 40's from here on out.  

Overall good session.  Found some things that worked on the irons and hit some good.  Then hit some bad then got it back to good. Really important to have a controlled backswing and not sling the club all over.  Driver was a challange, and it always is .  I can have like 3 or 4 good drives in a row without really knowing what I'm doing..then 3-4 bad ones - again not knowing what I'm doing different.  Did start to see improvements when I didn't play the ball so far up..was seeing too high a trajectory..and played with that and got it down.  Finished up hitting some good ones. 

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