incrased distance

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Scott Rushing
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incrased distance

So last year, once i started with the new clubs, I also re-thought my wedges and lofts and bought new ones to better match  what I thought I wanted.  Anyway, I put a 50, 54 and 58 degree wedge in my bag.  I was hitting the 58 about 93 yards, the 54 at about 103 and the 50 about 115-117.   Well I've noticed this year, after a decent off season gym schedule (actually built some upper body muscles) and also trying to make sure I have the right wrist cock, I notice I'm hitting past those distances.  Even though it's early yet and cooler.  Was hitting the 58 about 103-105 this week.  Similar with my other irons.   It's nice and all but I have to start paying attention to my desired carry distances    I need for the shots and adjust accordingly...

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Great you have more distance

Great you have more distance with your wedges. I'm. Sure it won't take too long to get used to the new distances. Cac

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Early Wrist Cock

Some years ago, I went to an Early Wrist Cock and added 15 yards to ALL of my irons, not just the wedges. My PW went from 120 to 135 yards over night with the early wrist cock. It's a pretty simple adjustment to the swing that can make a big difference in you carry yargage with little ot NO effort on your part.


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