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Interesting Article

Stumbled across this article about an analysis or pro golf scoring and such.  Alot is not surprising but what was somewhat interesting was the differet thinking around the breakdown of where the pro's make most of their birdies.  Statistically it may be correct that most of the Par 3s and Par 4s are scoring just under Par, so on average not  huge scoring chance.  Whereas the Par 5s are closer to half a stroke or more under Par .  So the thought is you need to be thinking Par on the Par 4s and Par 3s and then looking for birdies on the 5's.  Then it goes through how far you need to hit your drive (60-70% of the way toward the green)  to have a reasonable chance of getting on the green, and what the pro percentages are for approach shots from different distances assuming you hit your drive longer or shorter.  Anyway, I enjoy reading articles like this that look at course management sort of topics.  Again, most of it is commond sense, hit your driver further, have a shorter shot to the green, the better chance you have or making par or birdie.

I don't agree with some of the stats they post like for average carry distance for the pro's.   You can see this here ( ... wow).



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Pars and birdies

Didn't get to read the article, but first instinct is that those statistics work for pros who have different skill sets. If the average hacker can't hit their driver in the fairway, getting on the green in 2, or 3 for that matter, becomes harder. Pro also has pinpoint accuracy with wedges, so more likely to pin the ball into 1 putt range. My observation from playing with all kinds of people is that average golfers actually seem to make more birdies on par 3 and 4 where they are less likely to get into trouble off the tee...and we often have shortish par 4s that give you an approach into the green less than 100 yards which should allow for an easy shot to the pin.

It's not's how many

Scott Rushing
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Yeah, I don' tthink he's

Yeah, I don' tthink he's targeting the average golfer.  He's talking about trying to break par on the round so it's geared at the more advanced golfers. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to executing shots and knowing when to take a risk and when not too.  Yesterday I had an approach shot of 120 yards dead over a bunker with the flag just behind it.  I could bail to the right or left and have a lengthy putt at birdie/par or go at the flag.  So I went at it with my GW which goes abotu 117 to 120 when I hit it flush.  Didn't hit it flush.  Came up short into the bunker and then 3 putted the green for a double.   given that shot again, i'd probably choose the same shot and assume I'd hit it better. 

But good scoring comes down to making risk/reward choices and knowing when to take risks, though I admit, most of the people I play with are the swing and go find it type, not ones who tend to think about where they want to miss a shot.   I think his article was trying to show where most pros get their scoring from to give others an analytic view of a possible strategy. 


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