Jordan wins the Travels in a play off.

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Jordan wins the Travels in a play off.

After his tee shot on the first hole of the playoff, which hit a tree an bounced back into the fairway. I didn't think Jordan had much of a chance to win the hole, much less force a second hole. As it turned out, Jordan then hit his second shot itnto the green side bunker while Daniel Burger hit his shot onto the green. Agian it did not look good for Jordan. But then he did his pull the rabbet out of the hat trick and holed the bunker shot for a birdie and his 10th win on the PGA tour. Great win for Jordan and I loved his reaction when the ball went in the hole. It's nice to see a player show some emotion out on the course like that. Much nicer than what most of the player do. 

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You know there's a lot of

You know there's a lot of luck involved in those kinds of situations but at the same time, he is such a good bunker player that he makes his own luck sometimes.    I didn't watch much of the final round as I saw he had a 2-3 stroke lead going in.  So i was surprised to see he wound up in a playoff.  Hope it jumps starts his season

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