Keagan Bradley - anyone else think he bends way over?

Did you see this golf club review?

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Scott Rushing
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Keagan Bradley - anyone else think he bends way over?

Just watching some of the Traveler's Championship..Keaghan in the hunt so seeing him a lot on TV...he seems to bend over lower more than other golfers.  Anyone else think so?

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Keegan definitely looks like he's bent over more at the waist, he's not "that" tall...must be something he did for a long time and got ingrained in his swing setup. I guess if you are consistent and your clubs are set with the correct lie angle for your setup, all good.

It's not's how many

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Actually Keegan is quite tall

Actually Keegan is quite tall.  I noticed that Tony Finau does this too.  They are both 6' 4" IIRC.  It wouldn't work for me, but that another story. 

I found it funny that someone was posting an article on another golf forum about there being a bit of a trend change towards a steeper swing with a higher finish position than what is typical today.  Brooke Henderson was an example used for the article of a current pro with a high finish position.

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tall golfers

the funny thing about golfers/height...when I was at the PGA last month and saw them up close, some looked taller than they do on TV, so not only does TV make you look heavier, it makes you look shorter! It's all relative, I guess.

It's not's how many

I'm a bit late posting this

I'm a bit late posting this but here goes anyway.  I looked at a few photos of Bradley and what I noticed the most about him is how his hands at address are just a few inched higher than his knees. This makes me believe that he is playing shorter than normal clubs, ar least for his irons. He is a good bit taler than I am, and my hands are about twice as much above my kness at setupp with my irons as his. Must be his irons are kind of short. 


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