Learning to hit a fade off the tee

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The fade is a great shot to have in your arsenal of shots for your next round. Like most golfers, I started out hitting a fade - ok - many times a slice, but through the years and the advent of new technology on the clubs, I'm now hitting the baby draw most of the time. But many of the courses I play have holes intended for the left to right ball flight. So I've been trying to figure out, in the day of draw-bias drivers, the best way to hit a controlled fade off the tee. After trying several different things, this is what seems to work the best for me:

1: identify your target line by standing behind the teed ball. You want to identify a line left over where your ball will end up. This is the line you want to the ball to start out on, and is the line you will align your body too. Either pick a spot in front of the ball that you can easily see when you're taking your stance or use the logo on your ball and point it down the target line.

ball alignment

2: Position the club behind the ball with the face pointed where you want the ball to end up. This would be considered open compared to the target line you have the ball aligned too

3: Take your stance, aiming your upper body and lower body along the TARGET line. This is sort of just like you normally would do for any other tee shot. This part is critical though. if you put your upper body aligned with the line the club face is on, you'll wind up hitting a draw or hook more likely than the fade you want.

It may look something like this:

open face

4: Now, the critical part, swing along the line you have your body set too. This is important. You need to swing along the line you aligned yourself too left of the place you want the ball to go. This is not easy for me, as I like to align myself to the clubface but in this case I have to work against my natural tendencies.

But when I can do Step 4, I usually hit a nice fade. Controlling how open the clubface is and how much the ball fades takes time and practice. So next time you're at the range, try this setup and see what your results are. Good Luck


This is an EXCELLENT post Scott. This way of hitting a fade is the EXACT same way that Jack Nicklas says to do it in his video and books. This it how I learned to hit a fade, by watching his video and then going to the range and following his advice.

What I find funny and STUPID, is that there are DOZENS of modern schools of teaching that "Claim" that Jacks way is WRONG. If find it hard to believe that Jacks way is wrong when he has been doing it 'Pretty Well" for more than 50 years now. If Jack's way is wrong, then how come it works so well? Some instructors "Claim" that the new launch monitors "PROVE" that Jack's way is wrong. Needless to say, I don't "BELIEVE" what these so called modern instructors are saying.


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