Let's fire the Caddy

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Let's fire the Caddy

It seems that miss Ko has a problem with caddies. In her 3 years on tour, she has gone through TEN caddies with her recent firing of her latest caddy. According to a recent interview her caddy, Matthews. says that there is NO communacating in her entire camp. No one tells him anything and no one talks aboaut what is going on. He got a call from Ko's agent telling him he was being fired, NOT from miss Ko as it should have come from. Not sure what this says about Miss Ko as a person. We all know she is a great golfer, but it seems she could use some work on her people skills at this time.

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She is a child prodigy whose

She is a child prodigy whose career has been managed from birth not unlike one Eldrick Woods or Michael Jackson.  They don't lead normal lives and have not been subject to the same set of circumstances that most of us experience that lead to making for well adjusted adults.  You see this a lot with child stars.  They pay a very high price for their success.

Not uncommom today

What you mention is NOT at all uncommon both in Hollywood and pro sports. Good actors or players that end up doing drugs or drinking themselves into troulbe. There or hundreds if not thousands of examples of this in the news. People that have it MADE and then they end up DEAD a few years later due to getting out of control and thinking they can get away with anything. Sad but true I'm afraid. A waste of talent to say the least.


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