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Scott Rushing
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Light reading

I stumbled on a few articles GolfySpy did relating to shaft flex, shaft weight, etc.  Interesting articles/tests where they have a small sample of golfers test 'common theory' of club fitting.   Not endorsing what they say just saying it was an intesting read.  My take-away is ... go get fitted by a good club fitter because like everything else, you and your swing are unique and just because you swing fast doesn't mean X stiff is the right shaft for you.


Anyway, if you want to check them out sometime here are the links. For me it was educational to learn a little more about how some of the things like Torque come into play and what it might really do - or feel like - in my swing.

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Thanks for posting the links

Thanks for posting the links to the articles, Scott.  A good test that the main take away has to be to get fit because rules of thumb aren't much good in this day and age.

NOT a big fan of Golf Spy

Golf Spy is OKay at best with these tests. And there are a few reasons I say they are Okay at best. One is that I would be willing to BET money that each of their testers did NOT play the same weight or torgue or flex shaft in thier current driver. This means that each tester was USED to playing one driver and they were NOT used to playing the other drivers with the different shafts. As we all know from hitting golf balls for a few years, when ever we try a different club, it takes TIME and SWINGS with it to get comfortable with the new club. And for most of us, that means we do NOT hit the new club as well as we would with MORE TIME and SWINGS wit it.

If you look at each of the tests. Most of the golfers did NOT see much if any speed gain with the lighter shafts, some had more speed with the heavier shafts, and this is pretty much what I've been saying for the last 10 years. No surprise there for me.

And some testers hit better with a softer flex than the stiffer flex shafts, Again, I would not be surprised if the golfers the hit the softer flex shaft had softer shafts in THEIR own driver. Again, it's a matter of what you are used to rather than what is BETTER. IF you are USED to hitting driver with say a 45 grams R flex shaft in it, you will Most Likely think that a 75 grams X flex shaft driver will feel Weird to you.At lest it will at FIRST, until you have time to get used to something Different. Once you get used to the heavier weight and stiffer flex, some golfers will perfer it to their old driver and some will NOT.  So you have to remeber that when you read about club tests that NONE of the golfers are USED to the new clubs. So they may or may NOT hit the clubs as well as their own, at least not at FIRST. Give them time and they may change their opinion on the new clubs.



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