A little help please...

Did you see this golf club review?

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Scott Rushing
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A little help please...

A golfer had eye surgery and had to miss 4 weeks of golf, doctor's orders.

He begged and begged the doctor to let him play.  The doctor finally told him he could golf but only if he used a caddy.  It was about 3 pm, so the golfer raced to the course.

He asked Marcy if there was a chance he could get out and if there was a caddy available. 

Marcy said that only one was available and it was ole Chad.  The golfer said great I'll take him.  Marcy said not so fast.  Ole Chad is great and has eagle eyes, but you may have to help him a bit since he's pretty old.  The guy says no problem.

Ole Chad and the golfer go to the first tee.  The golfer having waited a month was ready to go and tees it up.  He busted a drive and turns to ole Chad. 

"Did you see it?" He asks.

Ole Chad says "I got it all the way chief!"

The golfer asks "where did it go?"

Ole Chad replies "I don't remember."