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Lived longer than I expected.

I played to an eight at my peak, but spinal stenosis has put single digit handicap golf, not to mention walking golf,  in my rear view mirror forever.  I get my walking in with my dog, usually with a cane, but that's not the same as walking a 6000 yard- plus golf course. 

While prescription opiates are a necessary part of my pain manement, I don't find them addictive and I'm very careful not to abuse them.  Sure, I was a sixties kid,  but the occasional doobie at a party was the sum of my controlled substance experience in college.  I never take oxycodone prophylactically, but sometimes after a round, that's the only way to cope with the severe spasms.  When that's the case, I just lay off golf for a while until things quiet down.  

Here's what I would suggest to young players.  Youth is fleeting, but it's also very impactful on how senior life will be.  I liked food too much and over-ate.  I smoked unfiltered Camels from the age of fourteen to the age of forty-seven. I didn't abuse drugs or become too excessive with alcohol, but I never saw the inside of a gym once I was done with amateur boxing,  Except for golf, I was the consumate recliner rat. And now, I'm paying the price.

I worked hard to become a presentable recreational player, and it hurts to be able to visualize shots that I can no longer make. That's going to happen anyway, but i will happen later and more gradually with good attention to physical fitness.


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I too have noticed a slow but

I too have noticed a slow but steady decline in my fitness level over the past 15 years. When I started playing gome 14 eyars ago, I could SEE the ball land out to about 300 yards, not that I hit it that far very often. Today I'm lucky if I can see a ball land on a green from 80 of 90 yards out. Not being able to see WHERE my ball lands or ends up is really a royal PAIN when I play golf now. I can see the LINE my bsll starts on, so I usually look to see WHERE it's headed and then walk to that spot, and HOPE it didn't curve left or right after I lost sight of it in the air. Riding a cart is NOT an option with my poor eye sight. I HAVE to be able to WALK too the ball if I want any chance of finding it, so riging a cart and having to follow a cart parh at times in NOT going to work for me. Lucky for me I can still walk a golf course without problems as long as it's NOT too hilly. Walking a 7000 yard course is not an issue at this point in time,

What I really NEED to do is LOSE some excess FAT and get back into better condition muscle wise. I weighed right at 165 pounds when I was in my 20's. At 5'11" that's pretty decent. Today I'm at 190 pounds, so that's 25 more pounds more than when I was in much better condition. And I'm NOT as strong as i used to be, so I've LOST more than a few pounds of MUSCLE as well. So if you figure in the LOSE of muscle and the GAIN of FAT, I've gained more that just 25 pounds of fat, more like 35 is my best guess.


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Staying fit throughout your life helps in the transition to the senior years, no doubt. I don't get to the gym as often as I'd like because of working long hours with my current job, but I eat right (mostly vegetarian), am trim, don't smoke, and drink rarely. I enjoy walking 18, and hope the "wheels" hold up over time to continue that for a long time. My husband and I played a round recently with a gentleman who was in his 70's and he walked 18.

It's not's how many

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Well...My work is in public

Well...My work is in public health research so I see it time and time again how physical activity is a huge factor in late life health.  I'm overweight (I say I'm big boned! ha!) and trying to do better.  My goal is to be healthier at the end of the year than the beginning.  So i don't like fad diets but I do/am trying to eat better.  Less carbs, most veggies but I do have meats, usually steak or chicken, maybe fish.  I grew up in the South so having biscuits and gravy and fatback (not sure everyone here knows that that is) and hushpuppies.  Now I try to go with the montra that I can't have everything I want at every meal.  But I am want to hit the gym each day, have one in the office, but work gets in the way.  I'm trying though.    Also like to do hot yoga..helps my back, or so I think :)

I walk the hood or the park and I like to walk when I play but I can't carry the bag.  I have to use a cart as the knees hurt too much after lugging the bag.  Activity is key though.  I bowl, I hit the range, I golf, and I shoot pool...just like being active...except Sunday's during NFL season :)


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I ALWAYS walk the course when

I ALWAYS walk the course when I play golf. But I do NOT carry my bag, I use a hand cart. I started with a 2 wheel Pull cart at first but then moved up to a 3 wherl Push cart. A lot of golfers believe that a Puss cart is easier on the golfers back, but my current playing parther uses a Pull cart becasue the Puss cart he has was Worse on his back than the Pull cart. So go FIGURE. I now have 2 Pull carts and 1 Push cart laying around that I do NOT use, so if you would be interested in one of them, let me know.


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Now that I've had a heart

Now that I've had a heart attack and stents implanting in three of the arteries of my heart and a heart monitor stuck in my chest to control my heart, I have been forced to change what I eat and get more exercise or DIE. Not really an option if I want to live long enough to keep my wife happy. For some reason she wants me to stick around for another 30 years. That was NOT gong the happen the way I was eating, Too much FAT and SALT in my diet to be healthy. So now it's low salt and low fat for me. Pretty much anything that tastes really good, is NOT on my diet. No more PIZZA or Prime Rib dinners. Now it's chicken and beans for my protein source. It's not easy to change but I guess it's better than dieing next week or the week after.


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Fitness and Aging

I have mentioned on here before that I curl in the golf off-season.  For those of us in northern climbs it really is a natural fit with golf if you are looking for an activity.

I have only a couple of seasons in curling, but I'm already noticing an uptick in my fitness levels and this has had a positive impact on golf.  It doesn't mean that I will play better, but it does mean that i don't feel any particular after effects from playing either which is a bit of a first for me being an individual who took up golf later in life.

Curling can be pretty demanding and is great exercise due to the nature of sweeping the stones after they are thrown.  I play with a lot of senior curlers.  To a man, they all said the same thing that it's easier to play 5 days a week than it is to play once a week.  I'm not talking about results, but the toll that you feel on your body after playing a game.

Peter is my role model.  He is 78 years young and the picture of health.  Not only does he curl 4 days a week in season, but he also plays golf three days week in the summer, walking 18 holes each time on a hilly course.  I aspire to be like this man when I reach his age, not only healthy and fit, but helpful within my community.

The thing is that I already feel the impacts of this sort of active regimen.  Every spring, when I would first take the clubs out, there would be a period of getting used to swinging a golf club and the stresses it places on your body.  I was routinely sore after a range visit or a round of 18 holes.  Playing day after day was never the really in the cards and yet now I feel like i could do that with no negative side effects.

The motto should be that the more you do the easier it gets and that is absolutely true.  I'm not talking about how well you play, but rather how easy it becomes to play without negative impacts and that applies to all aspects of your life from simply yard work to a thorough spring cleaning of your house.  We were never designed to be sedentary creatures!

Still alive two years later

Well, it will be two years in two weeks since I had my heart attack and had to have three Stents installed in my heart. When I told the nurse at the re-hab center what had happened, she told me I was lucky to be alive, so I can't complain too much two years later. Had my check-up with the doctor two weeks ago and all if good, no heart events in well over 9 months now. Seems we have th meds figured out well enough that I'm doing fine. Just need to get more exerxise and lose a few pounds. If I can take off about 12 pounds I'll be happy. 


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