Lorena Ochoa invitational (LPGA)

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Lorena Ochoa invitational (LPGA)

didn't get to watch any of this, but saw on Twitter that Christina Kim won on 2nd playoff hole. She's had some good tournaments this year, she wasn't fully exempt (or whatever the term is) - she only had a limited card for the Tour after Q-School. After her injury, personal problems, coming out about her depression and thoughts of suicide a couple of years ago, it is nice to see her have some good things come back to her. She is loud, opinionated, and a lot of fun to follow because she's not "vanilla".
Sure it isn't a "major" event, but I like seeing someone win who will really appreciate it after clawing their way back with hard work.

Good New for sure.

I agree, it's always good to hear about hard work paying off for some of the players. Like a lot of others, I tend to ROOT for the under dog, or the player fighting injury problems. I guess this is ONE reason I root for Fred Couples all the time. He has had a lot of issues with his bad back for years, so it's nice to see him do well on the Championship Tour.


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