Master's TV ratings down

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Master's TV ratings down

Posted April 15, 2014
Tiger-less Masters Gets Lowest Final-Round TV Ratings Since 2004
By Pete Madden
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods walks off the 18th green at the 2010 Masters, where he finished T4 (Getty Images).

Did you miss Tiger Woods at the 2014 Masters? CBS and ESPN sure did.

The final round – in which Bubba Watson beat Jordan Spieth and Jonas Blixt by three shots to win his second Masters title in three years – earned a 7.8 rating Sunday afternoon. (A 7.8 rating means that 7.8 percent of American households tuned into the Masters.) Woods, who is recovering from back surgery, did not play in the Masters for the first time since 1994.

The ratings were down 24 percent from last year’s Masters finale, in which Adam Scott beat Angel Cabrera in a playoff, according to Sports Business Daily (subscription required). That Masters had a 10.2 rating. In fact, Sunday’s Masters rating was the lowest final-round rating since Phil Mickelson’s 2004 win, which garnered a 7.2 rating. Interestingly, the highest rating in the last 10 years was for Mickelson’s win in 2012, which got a 12.0 rating. Woods’ last win in 2005 got a 10.3 rating.

Sports Business Journal reporter Austin Karp said on Twitter that the reason for the ratings decline was due to the lack of final-drama as well as Woods’ absence. Mickelson, the game’s second-biggest star, missed the cut this year and also did not play the weekend.

Scott Rushing
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Maybe it's me, but one issue

Maybe it's me, but one issue I have with the coverage was the lack of it. Arguably the most important golf event of the year and we get basically 3 hrs of TV coverage most days, maybe 4 on Sunday. Why? Why not broadcast the whole thing? heck I was planning to take some time off to watch it Thursday and Friday but couldn't: It wasn't on. Only streaming via their own website could you see any early coverage.

Then they pretty much only followed the last 2 groups Sunday. So I was disappointed in their choices for coverage

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coverage is "meh" these days. It's like if they don't have Tiger to fawn over, they don't know what to do.

It's not's how many

Less coverage this year

What I noticed the most was the fact that they had LESS hours of coverage this year. The last few years they have had "limited" commercials during the coverage, NOT this year. So if they had less viewers maybe it'd due more to the lack of coverage, and the added commercials they added this year. I don't know if Tiger not playing was an issue or not, but I don't care if he was there or not. Fact is Tiger has NOT been a big factor in ANY major for more than 5 years, so why would it matter if Tiger was absent from the Master?


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The 2014 Masters gets my vote

The 2014 Masters gets my vote as the worst piece of golf TV coverage I have seen in the modern digital era. Countless hours of prognosticating and pontificating while the action went on without anything more than a cursory high light. Much of the compelling play was already over before live coverage came on air. It turned the broadcast into pretty much a non-event.

And they wonder why golf is in decline? Two thumbs down!!