Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

I hope that this note finds everyone enjoying the gifts of the season with friends and family members.  Merry Christmas to you!  angel

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We had a pretty mild day here in NJ on Christmas Day (around 50 deg and sunny), unfortunately the courses were closed, so we settled for a walk around the neighborhood. Michael is playing today with one of the guys we play with regularly, I took a pass since it's only mid-40's today and cloudy, so it's going to feel much colder. 50 degrees is my benchmark. He was itching to try out a new (used) hybrid he picked up recently.

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Scott Rushing
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Thus far it's been pretty

Thus far it's been pretty mild......40s and 50s...  But good Holiday came in, everyones doing ok.  Hope everyone had a good Holiday!

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All is good here with me and

All is good here with me and my wife. I got lots of warm clothss to keep me warm with my blood pressure pills. I did NOT get any new golf stuff maining because I do NOT need anything. I've got more clubs and balls than I know what to do with at the moment.


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