My recent experience with Titleist Ball Fitting

Did you see this golf club review?

So a local course had the Titleist team at the course recently, doing Titleist ball fitting. So I scheduled a 30 minute session to see what ball they would recommend for me. Now I had done the "talk" version of this a couple times, as recent as a few weeks ago at the Wyndham tour event where Titleist had a tent setup to promote their golf balls. They always tell me to play the ProV1x. So I was curious what the true fitting process would suggest.

I actually saw the same guys I saw at the Wyndham though they didn't remember me.Anyway , it was a pretty interesting experience. They have this $26K monitor and a bucket of specially marked Titleist balls, each with a series of dots on them which allows the launch monitor to determine which way the ball is spinning on each axis so it can provide spin rates in the resulting information. So you stand in front of the monitoring and hit balls down a particular target line. As we started, the Rep asked me to hit a wedge and hit what i thought was a 50 yard shot. First shot was 62 MPH and 58 yards. So I adjusted and hit 48yards and more like 52 MPH. After a couple of those we went to the 6I. Hit about 7 less than perfect strikes with it, before I hit 2 good ones, and then we hit a few drivers but not many because the range is sort of short.

Anyway, then we started looking at the data it was capturing, which included swing speed, ball speed, impact force, some other "efficiency" numbers that they compute, and also something they call the angle of decent on the ball. That's one they really apparently look at during club fitting. Apparently from a physics stand point, a ball coming in at roughly a 45 degree angle has the best chance to bounce, take a couple small hops and check up and stop. Where as a ball coming in at a 75 degree angle will just stop and one coming in at 25 degrees will skip and keep going. So apparently the 45 degree angle is the sweet spot they look for in club fitting.

The Rep was a former club fitter for like 14 yrs with Titleist and worked with several of the Tour pro's and so it was neat to hear him talking about the data and my swing. And it was interesting to see how much a Prov1 spins versus a NXT Tour off a standard wedge. The Prov1 generates twice the spin (4600 vs 2300) as the NXT Tours do off a wedge but only about 500 more RPMs off a driver.

All and all, I took away that for the most part, my clubs are pretty well fitted for me. The launch angles are in line with where they're supposed to be, the spin rates are a tad low but within reason and the angle of decent is right their in the low to mid 40s. And yes, they suggested the ProV1x as my recommended golf ball, and I left with $15 worth of FREE ProV1x golf balls.

I'd suggest you call the courses near you and see if or when they will be having a Titleist Ball Fitting van come by and make plans to schedule an appointment. Well worth the 30 minutes of time.