New Cleveland Launcher HB driver

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New Cleveland Launcher HB driver

I just got an email from Cleveland about their new Launcher HB driver. It's a mix of the old Launcher driver and the old HighBore driver that were made about 12 to 15 years ago. This new driver has NO adjustments at all. so you hwve to pick from 3 lofts and go with what you get. In my opinion, this is a GOOD thing, as it means you can't adjust the club and make it worse when you mean to make it batter. And as a club maker that unsterstand how important the shaft is to the total package, it also means you can have the shaft spine and FLO aligned properly and not have to deal with turning the shaft which only undoes the work you paid someone to do for you. As some of you already know, my favorite driver is the old Launcher Comp 460, so this is pretty close to that same design only new in stores today. I'm rather looking forward to doing a demo on this new driver and comparing it to my current 460 Comp to see how they compare head to head. 

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That's interesting Don.  I

That's interesting Don.  I thought Cleveland was getting OUT of the club market except for wedges once they merged with SRixon.  I thought they were going with Srixon's irons and drivers.  But interesting..the Launcher was a very popular driver..keep us posted

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One guy tha did a review on

One guy tha did a review on this driver thinks it might be a way for Srixon to sell more drivers if they sell them under the Cleveland name. As you mention, Cleveland has a good rep for their drivers, so it could work out rather well. 


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