New Cobra Driver - Cobra Bio Cell+

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Scott Rushing
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New Cobra Driver - Cobra Bio Cell+

Cobra Announces it's newest driver .. Cobra Bio Cell+

Price: $399

If you'll pardon the pun, Cobra had some lofty design goals for its new 440 cc Bio Cell+ driver. The club's engineers wanted to achieve a lower center of gravity (CG) than in the AMP Cell Pro, since a lower CG equals higher ball speed, higher launch and lower spin. To do so, the team used Venollum, a lighter, stronger material than standard titanium, which saves 8 grams (4 in the crown and 4 in the face). The weight savings gets distributed lower in the head. Bio Cell+ also has a larger "sweet zone" for more distance -- the perimeter of the face is more flexible (hotter) for a 10 percent increase in max ball speed on shots struck one inch off-center. The "MyFly" adjustable hosel has eight loft settings from 8° to 11°, including three draw settings. By contrast, the AMP Cell Pro had six settings from 7.5° to 10.5°, including three fade settings. The Bio Cell+ comes in five head colors -- silver, orange, red, blue or black -- with a 45.25-inch Matrix Red Tie shaft.

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