New premium Titleist AVX golf ball coming soon?

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New premium Titleist AVX golf ball coming soon?


Titleist is testing a new model called AVX in select markets in the U.S., with an eye toward potentially introducing it in 2018, company representatives confirmed to 

GolfWRX first reported the news.  

The new ball is designed for players looking for Tour-level, premium performance but with more emphasis on distance and soft feel. Features of the AVX include a new core, cast urethane cover, and new aerodynamic technologies, and apparently will be available in both white and optic yellow. The AVX has undergone extensive testing, both with robots and players, and will continue to be tested through the fall season.

We can guess that the new core is probably lower compression than the Pro V1 for a softer feel and that the mantle or inner layer, which Titleist calls a "high flex casing layer," is most likely designed with some type of speed-enhancing properties to increase velocity at impact. It's also safe to assume that pricing for the AVX will be similar to that of Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

For those wondering why the market leader would develop a product that might compete with their most successful models, the simple answer is competition. Several ball manufacturers, most notably Callaway and Bridgestone, offer lower compression, urethane-covered Tour models that have enjoyed tremendous success, particularly with players who prefer a very soft feel or those with moderate clubhead speed.

Stay tuned for more on the AVX and if you're interested, and you live in a warm weather climate, keep an eye out for a box in your local pro shop.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll

Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to see if I can get some in for testing. I know a guy with Titleiest that might be able to help with getting some to test. I'll let you know if I have any luck. 


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Do that Don...curious how it

Do that Don...curious how it performs.  Sounds interesting...not a bad contact to have...

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I would like to try this ball. I usually play lower compression balls, especially in the cooler weather, but last round I played ProVx the whole round and I really like it. I don’t really see any appreciable loss of distance despite the higher compression. I am cheap when it comes to golf balls, I only have ProV’s in my bag if I find them!

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