New premium Titleist AVX golf ball coming soon?

Did you see this golf club review?

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Sorry Csott, I have no idea what the compression is for any of these golf balls, but I would think that you could find out if you check the websites of each. You MAY have to ASK for tath data from a tech rep at the site, but they usually are happy to help out with this type of info if you ask nicely. 

I also want to let you guys know that I got an E-mail recently that have a photo of the AVX as being a new stable mate for the ProV1 and ProV1X golf balls. According to the link provided, the ProV1X gives a Higher ball flight and higher spin, and is firmer than the ProV1 ball, while the AVX gives a Lower ball flight and Lower spin and is Softer  than the ProV1 ball. So now Titleiest has three balls to chose from. with different ball flight, spin and firmness. 


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We jsut got an Academy Sport

We jsut got an Academy Sport opening in town and today they had a 5-7pm soft openning and gave out 20% off exclusions.  Now they don't have the biggest golf section but they did have Titleist golf balls and I so I was able to pickup the AVX dozen for about $38.   So we'll see if they play as well now as they did in April/May when I used them at the beach.

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