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Scott Rushing
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New User Roles

Hey folks, Just be aware I've been tweaking the user roles this morning.  I think all of your existing accounts should operate like normal, but in case you run into something odd, or something you can't do now that you used to be able too, let me know.  I'll work on it. 



Scott Rushing
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Well the new roles seem to be

Well the new roles seem to be working.  Thus far I've had 3 new account requests where the user has posted non-golf related posts in an attempt to hi-jack the forum threads and get you to click on their ads.  Thankfully the changes I made put their posts in an unapproved status until i review them, at which time i delete them and the account.  So i think this configuration will work well. 

I just hate we can't drive real golf enthusiasts to the site for more conversation.

Golf is a game that can only be played... Administrator

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Unfortunately there are other

Unfortunately there are other sites out there that advertise pretty heavily and rely on sponsors to fund the endeavours -- GolfWRX and MyGolfSpy for example.  Word of mouth doesn't really work anymore.  I have a feeling that the principals for those sites have made a fulltime job out of it.

It's interesting that I had a conversation with my course superintendent (and owner) regarding the restrictions placed on corporate golf entities and the budgets and templates they are forced to adhere to versus a more flexible model of the individual, owner.  Our course conditions are some of the best in the area and our tee sheet is always full.  The course conditions on many of the corporate courses have suffered greatly with the drought to the point that some of the properties have irreparable damage.  The point being that there will always be a place for those willing to serve the niche market looking for quality.