NO Masters this year

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NO Masters this year

It appears that the Masters have been CANCELED for this year due to COVID 19 spread. Now that the NBA has suspended the rest of their season and the same thing for most of the other major pro sports. I have to wonder what will happen to the future of sports in this country for the rest of this year and into the future. The stock market is down about a third in total over the last month, so that's not good if you own stocks. NOT much good on the news recently to say the least. 

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Officially, postponed, not cancelled. But if they do play, it won't be the same.

It's not's how many

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Yeah...I am curious if they

Yeah...I am curious if they plan to play late in the year after the season ends..since there are not many free dates on the Tour's calendar.  I hope they play even though it's not in a few weeks


Cancelled my trip to Vegas for MM since..well, no March Madness this year.   Man it's strange to see nothing buy reruns of sporting events on TV...

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With ALL of the Tour events

With ALL of the Tour events on hold this year, IF they decide to hold the Masters later in the year, there shuld be LOTS of open dates to choice from. Normally you are right, every week has an event schuled, but this year there are open dates all over the place to pick from. TI will be interesting to see what happens to ALL of the Pro sports and college sports when this is all over. Hard to say what will happen to every day people for that matter. Lots of small businesses will go under for sure. The stock market has been hard hit and my wife and I have lost a LOT of money with the decline is stock prices. With the stock market bieng down mpre than 33 % it will be hard for my wife to retire in a few years IF the merket does not go back up by then. At least we have a few years to see what happens before we have to figure out what's what. 


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