Nomis gloves

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Nomis gloves

Has anyone on here know of where I can get some Nomis Golf gloves ?

I bought some off ebay about 2 years ago and am now in need of more.

My old supplier no longer has any stock and will not be getting any more.

They are the best glove I have ever tried, even though they are wet weather gloves they are also superb in the dry.

Thanks in advance, CAC.

I have never heard of this

I have never heard of this brand so I'm afraid I can not offer you any help on this. Are they available in the U.S. ?


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Scott Rushing
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Interesting Cac..never heard

Interesting Cac..never heard of them but Googling it, it looks like it was a very highly regarded wet weather glove in the UK..not sure it ever made it to the US...even the older Amazon pages for this were all UK.  But it seems like it's not something that's still in production unfortunately...Maybe the company went out of business

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