Old Meets New: The Redesigned 2018 Wedge Series from MIURA Golf

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Old Meets New: The Redesigned 2018 Wedge Series from MIURA Golf




April 17, 2018


Old Meets New: The Redesigned 2018 Wedge Series


Scottsdale, AZ - Miura Golf introduces the 2018 Wedge Series as the latest edition to its lineup being release this year. "The new Wedge Series preserves the timeless elements of the old Series and incorporates modifications that make these clubs a pleasure to play," says Hoyt McGarity, President of Miura Golf. 


The updated Series is redesigned with bounce angles that reduce resistance, allowing players to cut through turf effortlessly. A rounded leading edge combined with redefined bounce angles create quality impact that leads to a crisp and consistent divot. The 2018 Wedge Series is made of premium (S25C) soft carbon steel and is finished in a beautiful satin chrome. Available in odd-numbered lofts, this wedge makes solid feel and distance control available to players like never before.

"It takes the mind of an engineer and a soul of an artist to create these golf clubs. That's the spirit behind Miura's new 2018 Wedge Series," adds McGarity. 


About Miura Golf


Miura has been making the world's finest forged golf clubs since 1977. Designed and constructed by the Miura family in Himeji, Japan, each club is individually made using the patented Miura forging process.


World-renowned craftsman Katsuhiro Miura began hand crafting and grinding irons in 1957 and has since created one of the most respected brands in the golf industry. Miura's endless quest to make the perfect club has introduced over 10 product series. This number continues to grow as the next generation of the Miura family-led by sons Yoshitaka and Shinei-continue the meticulous refinement and evolution of the Miura product lines. Each club is handcrafted and never mass produced, as generations of passion and steelmaking skill bring to the world the finest forged golf clubs.


For more information on Miura Golf, visit www.MiuraGolf.com . Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MiuraGolf, on Twitter @MiuraGolfInc, and Instagram @MiuraGolf.


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