OPEN course looks good.

Did you see this golf club review?

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OPEN course looks good.

I just watched a video that showed that the course for the OPEN was looking very good, condition wise. After the way Chambers Bay looked a few weeks ago, I'm sure all of the players will be glad to see how well the courrse condidtions are looking at the monemt. Greens look Green, and NOT brown, which is a huge improvement over C.B.

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Tiger mentioned that this

Tiger mentioned that this weekend, how it seemed like a different course than he's used too.  Software, greener.    Curious to see if they have to change their strategy on how to play it.

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They ALL will

With soft greens and  fairways, all of the players will have to re-think how they plan to play the course, No more landing the ball short of the greens and letting it run up onto the surface, they will have to land the ball on the greens and maybe even AT the hole this year. If the fairways are as soft as I've read about, they can forget about those 60 to 75 yards of roll out on their drives. The course should play a LOT longer so they will have to re-think their second shot on par 5's. Maybe more lay-ups and less going for the green in two. I guess we'll see in a few days.

Is FOX doing the coverage for the OPEN this year? It was nice when they did the US Open and had coverage of ALL 4 days, not just the weekend like the other networks do. I'lll have to check and see who has the coverage and plan accordingly.


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