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Phoenix Open

Did any of you wathc the Phoenix open this weekend in Scottsdale?  I really love to watch this event maining due to that Par 3 hole near the end that is entirely enclosed by the stands for the viewers. Talk about Pressure when you step up to the tee and you have a few thousand golf fans watching you and you know that if you miss the green they will all start to boo you on the spot. And they are mostly DRUNK fans at that. I understand that beer sales at that hole are VERY strong all weekend. I think they set a record for fan turnout with sales of about 655 Thousand tickets for the 4 day event and over 200K for Saturday alone. Not bad for a golf tournement the weekend of the Super Bowl. And it wen to overtime (Extra HOles) just like the Super Bowl did.

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I did watch that one Don.

I did watch that one Don. Great finish, I love a play off. Although it seemed non of them wanted to win it. Nice to see Webb Simpson doing well. Matsuyama is player of the moment, surely one to watch in the majors. CAC.

cac handed Geordie.

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My gawd, could someone please

My gawd, could someone please take that aborted arm lock putter that Simpson was using and break the thing in two?!  It's no wonder the guy hasn't won in ages because he has to be one of the worst putters on tour!  What an awful stroke!

It has to be all between the ears.  Would someone just hand the man a normal putter and teach him how to use it.  He has to realize that he won't be any worse!

Maybe they weren't so far off with the anchor ban because when young guys came on tour using long putters you can now see that they never learned how to putt with a normal putter.  It was a short cut.  

You would think that most any

You would think that most any Pro golfer could take a week or two at most to learn how to putt with a normal size petter if they wanted to. I've worked with half a dozen golfers over the years on putting and it's not that hard to learn to do it well if you just learn the correct setup for you and practice it a few hours a day for a few days. For a pro is should me pretty simple with a little work.


Putting is easy if you have the Right Putter.