plantar fasciitis

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Scott Rushing
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plantar fasciitis

Well now I've gone and done  it...had been having some pain in my heel when I woke up in the morning...which improved during the day... but tonight, while working with my son on his baseball drills, I was helping him with form during running and felt a big "pop" in my heel during jogging.   So now it seems like i'll be on the shelf for several weeks trying to let the plantar fasciitis flare up calm down. hurts like the dickens to walk and put weight on the heel.  Hard to imagine shifting my weight during my swing.  Maybe I can work on putting and chipping.

And dang, i had plans to a couple times this week...

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Well that sucks, doesn't it?

Well that sucks, doesn't it?  I feel for you as both my wife and my son have had issues with plantar fasciitis.  I know that it can be a long recovery.  Hope that this is just a temporary setback for you.


Real sorry to hear about your

Real sorry to hear about your health issue. But I agree with you that this could be good time to work on your short game skills. Who knows, you might get a lot better around the greens and even take a few strokes off your score after the extra work on the short game and you get back your health. Good luck with both.


Putting is easy if you have the Right Putter.

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I'm sure you got the instructions for stretching and such. Someone at work who has it said freezing a bottle of water and rolling your foot on it is good, too.

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Scott Rushing
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I heard that too Aimee...Yes

I heard that too Aimee...Yes I'm stretching it during the day...had too much walking today..had to go all over the place ..  am going to try and play 9 holes tomorrow but with a cart.  We'll see how it goes.


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