Presidant's Cup

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Presidant's Cup

I hope all of you got to watch at least some of this years President Cup event. The US pulled out a last minute win when Bill Haas won his match, which was the last match of the day. Being a president's PICK and being the son of said president, had to put a lot of extra pressure on Bill to perform. And he came through with a win to seal the deal for the US team.

I was very Impressed with some ot the GREAT shots Phil Mickleson pulled off in his matches. He holes out at least 5 times from what little I saw of his play. They showed quite a few of his hole-outs on Sunday in re-caps.

Very close all the way from start to finish, so it was a lot of fun to watch as it could have gone either way right up to the last match of the event. Coverage was NOT TOO BAD on the weekend. Sunday was mostly approach shots and green play, hardly saw a Tee shot other than on the few Par 3 holes. Not at all what we see with most other events when the coverage is more evenly divided with shots off the tee givent an even weight in the coverage. The golf course looked to be in pretty good condidtion, which was a nice change. It must have been rather cool as most of the player and the fans were wearing vests or jackets. I wise they would have shown the temperture during the coverage so we at home could know what the conditons were like for the players.

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I didn't watch any of it.

I didn't watch any of it.  The broadcast hours were pretty peculiar from my provider, something like 10 pm until 3 am.  As it was, with the holiday weekend in Canda and most of us immursed in the baseball playoffs, the President's Cup didn't have much of a chance.

The coverage in my area was

The coverage in my area was pretty much normal hours. it was Tape Delay for sure, and that did cause ONE issue for me. I opened up my email folder and I had one email that said the US had won. That was BEFORE the local coverage even started, so that did ruin it a bit for me.


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I watched it.  Enjoyed it. 

I watched it.  Enjoyed it.  Love the "off hours" golf schedule of either on the west coast or overseas.  Just like either waking up to golf or having it on late night.

Saw some good shots.  Haas pulled it out big time. both coaches picks (him and phil) made the captain look good for picking him..

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